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  2. If the flash is damaged, then there will be no connection for diagnostics, we tried to do diagnostics on the table, if the CAN block needs a 120 Ohm resistor to put on CAN
  3. None of them works i don't know why
  4. the CAN block has a bus, not a K-line?
  5. thank you so much for all your help but i think the mcu is damaged i put back mcu on board and still not comunication via can lines it gives me an error all the time i put a clean dump from a working module and nothing also i discover verision 3.33 doesn't work via obd with old obd 2 adapter but version 2.4 works as it shoud when connected via can lines thanks
  6. Last week
  7. А что нужно что бы дампы посмотреть пишет нет доступа ???
  8. Добрый день! Можно выложить полное фото такой платы с шелкографией?
  9. If there was a dump, it would be in the program database But there is no dump
  10. Do you have this file for instance 98221va180
  11. If the flash is only write, the processor will erase and write the flash when writing
  12. Ok thanks and how would this could be fix with original flash.
  13. This means that the flash was damaged when it was not connected correctly
  14. That’s mean that the flash is not the right one right?
  15. If wrong access, it means that the flash is nailed by an incorrect connection Search for flash from a block
  16. I solder the pins with the heat Gun but it gave me that error
  17. Парни. Всем спасибо. вопрос решил. по диагностике это вспомогательный блок срс
  18. Судить буду строга, правила раздела написаны для всех
  19. Парни. Не судите. Не могу понять. В чем может быть проблема. Не могу почистить краш. 27-07-2020 NISSAN INFINEON CAN (a).bin 27-07-2020 NISSAN INFINEON CAN (b).bin 27-07-2020 NISSAN INFINEON CAN crash(a).bin 27-07-2020 NISSAN INFINEON CAN crash(b).bin
  20. What was done, what is now a definition error?
  21. Now it gives me the error , connector error , wrong security access
  22. I’m gonna solder mcu back to the board and see maybe the module is not good anymore
  23. You shouldn't read it, you should reset it
  24. I tried k line before and it doesn’t read it said can error
  25. Capacitors about which you spoke, they are not necessary, once again check the soldering of the processor, it is difficult to see, but the soldering is not very good
  26. Solder the processor back on the block and throw it on the K-line, I completely forgot to say about it
  27. I was looking at the board but is missing a piece on c4 and c1 the one from the page has those
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