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  1. I think it's locked mcu. Not have ny solution yet
  2. In pm send u clear file
  3. How i read this and clear crash any idea? 20240311_225457.heic
  4. port delay 70 baudrate 500000 sec delay change 0 to 4 check all 4 any one unlock mcu if its okay check any other module mean drivers are okay or not mean any other car try to read if other module reading mean driver okay then follow top setting also just try to read one stage one didnt touch stage 2 yet if still not working make a video then we understand perfectly what issue come with you
  5. Check inbox
  6. Добро пожаловать
  7. In pm I send u clear file try that and update status
  8. Also reverify your soldering points For fast response join telegram group Talk to admin they add aur number
  9. Your driver are okay no need to update driver Change ur port delay to 50 And Baudrate to 500000 And sec delay o to 4 try all 4
  10. Go to device manager Then go to ports ( Com & Lpt) There have silicon labs cp210x Go on his properties Then go on driver Check there in driver date what date have of this driver version Imp Note! plug in Gprog Pro device then check this on GproG pro software update where u post yesterday i share a link from there u download driver setup
  11. From here u download driver Read this topic then u understand everything about subaru lock mcu And also watch telegram help video they will help you how to read this mcu
  12. SRS 95512_[Clear_by_Gprog_Pro].bin
  13. It's RH850. A223 In gprog have diagram Toyota v3 mention there
  14. Even today I return this module
  15. Sorry little typing mistake in old message In short kindly also update toyota new modules