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  1. Ok, I was able to read and write this module, this was a test module to make sure it works good. Now I'm working in a good module (customer module) and I got an error when I click the "SEC BOOT" icon, it won't unlock it, any idea why? if I just did the other module and it works just fine, please advice
  2. Sorry for my ignorance, what is a VPN? Thanks Is there one that you use specially for GProg Pro?
  3. I'm working with a Subaru SRS module Locked, Everything looks good, I was able to read and verify (Code-flash, Data-flash, User-boot and OPBTO), but when I click on the (Show / Hide Calc) I got an error something like unable to synchronize, and I'm not able to see the lists, please help. Thanks
  4. Thanks Hope you can find solution, I started getting more like this. Thanks
  5. Does anybody know how to clear crash on this SRS module "Locked" Mazda 2022 CX5 with R7F701330 . if it's possible with the GprogPro, please help, thanks
  6. It looks like the Programmer has a possible internal problem, I installed the driver (software) and everything looks good, but I can not read anything no Eeprom or ECU's, I did the "Pin Test Interface and it looks like something is wrong, I'm attaching some pictures, can you tell me what this mean. Thanks
  7. Пользователи, Here is a picture of the driver information If I still have problems with this installation, can you maybe help me with the installation via AnyDesk app, That will be very helpful. please let me know. Thanks I just changed it, the one before was year 2020
  8. Thanks, I saw these videos before, the problem I have is updating the driver, I tried the way they show in the video but is not working, I need the file to update the driver and maybe help to guide me how to download it, thanks
  9. Hey guys I'm having an issue when I try to use GProg-Pro, I'm working in a Subaru Locked ECU and when I try to "SEC BOOT" I got a error message something about Software, some one told me I need to update the driver, but I don't know how to update it, anybody has this software update and mot important how to install it to my computer, I really need help, Thanks
  10. Hey guys I'm trying to clear crash on a Subaru SRS module RH850 Locked R7F701686, and when i click on SET BOOT I got this message "No response from the device! The message header was not received <soft> does anybody knows what this means? Thanks for you help
  11. This question is for the one's that have used the GromCalcTool for long time and know exactly what licenses are needed to do the work.

    I have my shop and do a lot of airbag computer reset, right now I'm using CarProTool (CPT) but it's being doing wrong, so I need a second programmer but more reliable and looking at this it seems to be my best option, so my question is.

    What do I need to purchase (tools and licenses) to be able to cover all Renesas (RH850, H8SX, etc) Infineon... ok all ECU's. And if possible with K-line, Clear options or on board pinouts.

    Please advise if the full package is my best option or buy separate. 

    If full package is the best option, Do I need any extra tool or license to cover every single ECU (Including looked and tricore), all car brands.

    Thanks for your help

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  12. My friend, I'm new to the forum, is there an specific area for english speakers, or just post my comments on the general section?

    Please advice, Thanks