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  1. ok thank u
  2. hello i have hyundai creta module part number 95910-a000 xc23xx , i try to crash clear with gprog but now error internal error p-1620 below attach dump of module thanks hyundai airbag.bin
  3. hello below attach orignal read flash from part number - 89170-0k310 indian toyota crysta , i think not in your database thannks toyota 89170-0k310.rar
  4. ok thanks
  5. thanks for reply so procceser reading not possible ? thanks
  6. hello i have skoda new kosaq 2022 . airbag part number - 2q0 959 655 ap eeprom 95256 below attach data my car have no airbag blast just only airbag module water damage but in scanning 24 error all airbag short to ground control module faulty control module not compitable with car componant protection i try to do with online geko but not success i have another fresh market module with same part number but with odis geko eror - pre vin not working used new one for coding so if any one check my orignal eeprom data crash or not thanks 95256.rar
  7. hello in gromcalctool exe pinout is there ?
  8. hello i have skoda octiva 30Q 959 655 AR spc5604 how to connect or pinout or what to do thanks
  9. hello i have kia carnival airbag module part number 95910-dp000 eeprom - 95256 error - B1620 below attach data thankks kia carnival 95910-dp000 95256 crash.bin
  10. hello job done with online geko need software update & online coding thanks
  11. car year 2021 diesel , gear auto thanks
  12. hello i have skoda kushaq airbag crash , some one clear airbag data now fault code in power steering crash shut off activited below attach picture of power steering module photo thanks
  13. hello pl any one where to buy vw polo emmu , pl give me link thanks