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  1. Здравствуйте, дорогой, а почему этого нет в моем GCT, разве не этой версии?
  2. Tricore Number Update ... Crash algorithms in Ford-Mazda-Nissan. They still feel the same. Toyota-Kia / Hyundai still can't understand
  3. Предложение, для следующих обновлений. Некоторые платформы не имеют распиновки (12v, gnd, CanH, L), пример: Kia / Hyunda mobis Загрузочный Renesas R8sx Нет листа, сделанного в качестве быстрой помощи. Спасибо за Ваше внимание. Большое спасибо GCT.
  4. update list, I also see that carprog and smok an obd2 protocol performed ... ...... ......... ... I forgive the administrators if I am committing a fault. I just want to inform.
  5. Hello friend, do you find a solution in this module? I have one with a crash
  6. В будущем будет, как сделать автомобили с Fujitsu? Kia, hyundai, toyota, Suzuki ,другие...
  7. Было бы хорошо с прикрепленным абс. Также некоторые автомобили не приносят абс, но в экю он приносит км.... EMS312x.... tricore. .........
  8. Modules made with success with Carprog online, Carprotool Pinout,, Smok j-tag... Note; Do not Make the Error of Setting Pins to the Tc2x Processor ____
  9. They sent me this, soon serve the creator and an idea. pass adm... pin out SMOK j-tag TC2xx.rar pin out un carprotool
  10. módulos encontrados * FORD 2018 * Infineon TriCore TC222S-16F 133f H1BT-14B321-AF H1BT-14B321-AG H1BT-14B321-AH JK2T 14B321 BG KB3T-14B321-BD KT1T-14B321-KD JL1T-14B321-CA JL1T-14B321-BB JB3T-14B321-DD GN15-14B321-DF GN15-14B321-LC * MAZDA 2018 * Infineon TriCore, SAK-TC233LP-16f200f AB GBEF-57K30A, * HYUNDAI-Kia 2018 * Infineon TriCore, TC233LP32F 95910-k9000 95910-s1000 95910 S1200 95910-3s1000 * Nissan - Infinity 2018 * Infineon Tricore TC22 16F 98820 5NL0B 98820 4DB1B 98820-9UC1B Infineon Tricore TC222S-16F 98820 6CA1B 640532400 * Toyota-Lexuz * Infineon TriCore TC23 32F 891700C570 89170 07391 2018 Toyota Tundra 89170-0C580 89170-0C581 89170-0C570 89170-0C571 2018 Toyota Sequoia 89170-0C590 89170-0C591
  11. Hi all,the new ford-mazda cars now have a new protocol or processor.Now these new modules are coming. It would be good if GCT were a pioneer in having a solution. I think this thread for educational purposes
  12. I did not find the way to read it with gct, Solve with reneprog
  13. Hello everyone, this topic is good to take it as I try to make a new Airbag module.. this module in the connections appears as Via K-Line.. but my attempts you say "fail"... The photos that I will publish will see that it is very similar to another module in existence, I will try to do it with uart box, to read it... I will be reporting