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  1. Since he didn't put original dump then the ABS/ Steering angle sensor have to now be calibrated back.
  2. I download version but when it's open software its version and software get confuse with version telling me all the time that new update is out. small bug. UPDATE...Issue was Fixed.
  3. Yes I notice read can be a bit long but read always ok...writing is fast but not always ok..good idea to be able to set speed.
  4. Lately tool have issue flash from infineon ok then load good clear file and sometimes I have to write it 2-4 times to module before it actually go through. anyone else having this issue?
  5. Bug in software...when click on srs tool Honda\Honda spc560 reset k-line it bring up subaru
  6. All FVDI are clones.. only AVDI is original. For clone
  7. version I cant download the giving me errror Thank you funki it worked
  8. Been almost a week and still error not fixed? "Error connect to server! Check connection."
  9. I was waiting to see how long before someone else notice this too :-D.
  10. Use the read dtc function and see if you get a crash code...if still crash then change line 290-3AF = FF
  11. Thank you but I know what the codes are...I would just like for him to add it to scanner.
  12. Nice...that is not in my obdcodes_Nissan.txt file... I had given him some codes before maybe he added it?