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  1. hello I put original file of this volkwagen caddy unit without crash without hit it carries an eeprom 95320 2H0959655B 0285010799 eeprom ori airbag 95320.bin
  2. After so long I have the good solution for this airbag file, here I have the clean file without failure that works 100% so that you can add it in the next update thanks. ori 95640 batronix coche VW POLO 6C0959655A 0285011744 HW 001 SW 0330 95640 CLEARED OK FUNCIONA.bin
  3. After several attempts I have solved the problem with this file I upload the file that works 100% so that they correct the error thanks. hyundai i20 95910-C8100 VER 1.3 MOBIS C8959-10100 ori CLEARED1 probar este ultimo.bin
  4. Hello, I made this airbag with GCT and it cleans the impact but the unit does not work well. I think the crash is not good because the airbag light stays on and I enter measurement values and it does not read values, there is an error, someone can help me solve it, thank you. hyundai i20 95910-C8100 VER 1.3 MOBIS C8959-10100 ori.bin hyundai i20 95910-C8100 VER 1.3 MOBIS C8959-10100 crash GCT ERROR.bin
  5. if for I had to buy a unit in the scrapyard because there was no way.
  6. hello crash reset vw polo years 2015 reference 6C0959655A 0285011744 HW 001 SW 0330 it is possible please thanks. VW POLO 6C0959655A 0285011744 HW 001 SW 0330 95640 ori.bin
  7. hello crash airbag renault traffic and opel vivaro reference 609 47 14 00A - 7701067420 95160 thanks. ORI 609 47 14 00A-7701067420.bin
  8. У меня нет ошибок, ошибка, которая у меня есть, заключается в том, что индикатор подушки безопасности продолжает мигать, а автомобиль без ошибок. Ошибка состояла в том, что клиент установил диагностический компьютер и неправильно настроил программное обеспечение модуля подушки безопасности, после чего он выдал много ошибок из-за неисправной аппаратной ошибки. В подушке безопасности и связи с этим дампом все эти ошибки устранены, но на панели приборов мигает индикатор подушки безопасности, что-то не так.
  9. hello the file does the same clears the faults but the airbag indicator light stays blinking can there be another solution? thanks.
  10. hello I put the solution because GCTOOL does not do well this dump gives internal error in the unit when I pass the program to delete the hit then Dragon100 I do it manually and it works 100% I upload dump so that you can improve this problem thanks. BMW X6 0285010258 65.77-9240083-02 95128 CLEAR AMLOP ok funciona.bin BMW X6 0285010258 65.77-9240083-02 ORI CRASH.BIN BMW X6 0285010258 65.77-9240083-02 ORI CRASH_gctool error interno.BIN
  11. hi i am trying to repair this ecu file of a flagship opel or make it virgin if it is possible when i crash by GCTOOL the car clears error but the dump is not ok the car stays blinking the airbag led in the box then I disconnect a sensor of airbag and do not create a fault someone can help me repair the dump or make a virgin thanks. eeprom 1357 8322 ori airbag clear gct.bin eeprom 1357 8322 ori airbag.bin flash 1357 8322 ori airbag.bin
  12. hello I put the original file and the reset that works 100% mykola (danielif) did so that they modify it in the gctool software since the gctool reset when it does an internal error in the airbag unit. Lancia and Fiat Ypsilon year 2013 reference: 0285011805 0285011805_clear.bin eeprom fiat airbag ori 2.bin